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Whole PCB has been supplying Small to Medium Volume PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services to customers since 2007. Our capabilities include everything from bare printed circuit boards to components sourcing, PCB assembly, IC programming, final functional testing, Cable/wire harness, conformal coating, box build assembly, customized labelling & packaging. Over the last 16 years, Whole PCB has worked with customers of various sizes and industries, including industrial controls, communications, IoT, robotics, power industry, test & measurement, medical, lighting, automotive, consumer electronics, and more.

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    PCB Manufacturing

    1-40 layers Rigid, Flex and Rigid Flex,  Anylayer HDI, Blind and buried vias, Microwave & RF, Metal core, IMS, Back Drill  IC Substrate, Back drill, Heavy copper


    PCB Assembly

    Thru-hole & Surface Mount Assembly, Full Turnkey & Partially  Turnkey Assembly, BGA, uBGA,QFN, DFN, SOP, PLCC,  CSP …  AOI, X-RAY, ICT, FCT


    Electronics Manufacture

    PCB Components & PCB Assembly, Box Build Assembly & Functional Testing, Cable/wire harness assembly , Customized Labeling & Packaging


    PCB Engineering

    Free DFM (Design for manufacturing) & DFA (Design for assembly), PCB Design/Layout,  Consulting for raw material, stackup, surface finish, cost, etc…

    Why Choose Us

    Because We Excel at PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly & Electronic Manufacturing Services.

    Reliable in PCB fabrication & assembly

    We have more customers who works with us more than 16 years! When customer order PCBs from us, we always deliver the products on time and in good quality.

    Premium quality & Quality guarantee

    We make sure quality management systems are implemented in our production and have gained ISO9001:2016 certification. All our PCBs are 100% open/short tested, AOI inspected and visually inspected. All our PCB assembly are 100% AOI inspected, ICT testing and FCT if needed. We can offer a quality guarantee of one year.

    Best price-to-value ratio in small to medium volume

    Since our foundation in 2007, we focus on small to medium volume production of PCB fabrication and PCB assembly. All our equipment and personnel are arranged for this target. Utilizing the highly developed supply chain of electronics in Shenzhen and our dedicated professionals, we can deliver quality products at the best price.

    Quick response

    Our dedicated customer service team and engineering service team will provide 7*24hrs online service for you. All your e-mails will be replied in one working day.

    One-stop solution

    We supply a one-stop solution for all your PCBs and electronics requirements. No matter is it a simple bare printed circuit or a complex electronic box build assembly, you can count on us to deliver quality products at competitive prices.

    Flexible service

    We are dedicated to meeting our customers’ various demands in PCB and electronics area. Such as different range of PCBs, one stop turn-key electronics and diversified shipping methods. Whatever your demands regarding PCBs and electronics manufacturing, we can handle them.

    Served Customers
    900 +
    Factory Area
    4000 m2
    Year experience
    10 +
    100 +

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    Wholepcb service is good. Quality control is excellent. Several times my design is not workable in production, they give me perfect suggestion to correct my design, finally the PCBA board work well in our product. Wholepcb is good PCBA assembly company. Hay friend, good review to you, can you give me some discount for my future order?
    Lukas Delide
    Work with Wholepcb for 6 years, every time I request quotation on our new project, they quote back me promptly. Besides, every order they inform me the order situation in several days. that make me relax, because I know order Status every day. I like to work with Wholepcb.
    Julia Bright
    Our products are Uninterruptible power supply, at the beginning we bought the PCBA from other company, but use that company board to make our products meet a lot of after-sales problem. A friend introduced Wholepcb to me, after we test Wholepcb sample good, and we order low quantity several times, almost not after-sales problem from our customers. then we move almost all of our PCBA order to Wholepcb now. Wholepcb is reliable partner.
    Pruce Eude
    Managing director
    Work with Wholepcb experience is pretty awesome, they have a professional team to sure the quality, work with them over 8 years, almost all of our orders go well with them. Our team like to work with Wholepcb. In the future we would continue to work them.
    Robin Swiet
    3 year ago I just graduated from college, and found a job as purchaser assistance. at that time I know little about PCB and PCBA. It was difficult to start my work. Luckily Wholepcb is one of our supplier, their sales is very professional and patient, they answer my questions polite and detail, some other supplier answer not to my point. Friendly speaking, Wholepcb teach me a lot about PCB and PCBA. Now they are not only our supplier, but also my friends.
    Lily Shike
    In 2015, we have a new project that requires a new PCBA. We make samples for several companies. None of them were able to make good samples. Then I found wholepcb on Google. Their company looks good. And I was just in China that time, so I contacted them and visited their factory. Their factory is very large and beautiful. It adopts the 5S standard and is clean and tidy. After I went back, I sent them our company's PCB design files. They sent back offers quickly and the prices were very competitive. We let him make samples. Their samples are well done. I have been working with them on PCB samples and mass production since then. We have always been satisfied with their excellent work.
    John Luxton
    We've been working with Wholepcb for five years, and every project they've worked on has been brilliant. they are our trusted partnet.
    Christina Doncell
    Senior buyer
    Working with Wholepcb makes the job easy. They always make products of the same quality. In the past five years, they have done PCBA for us, we have not found defective products.
    Linda Carpineto
    WHOLEPCB quotes are fast. And their prices are generally very competitive. And they always ship on time. Working with them saves time and effort.
    Jim Suarez

    Recent PCB Articles:

    PCB Manufacturing & PCB Assembly FAQs

    Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are the foundation of most electrical and electronic products. They provide structural support, conduct electricity, and act as a platform for a wide range of components. PCBs help ensure that all parts of an electrical device are correctly connected and communicating with each other. An assembly of multiple PCBs is referred to as a Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) or Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA). As such, PCBs are essential components of almost all modern electrical and electronic products.

     A custom printed circuit board (PCB) is a board that has been designed and manufactured according to the specifications of an individual or company. It can be used in consumer, industrial, automotive, computing, aerospace, and defense applications. Custom PCBs are designed with components and feature specific to a customer’s requirements, such as embedded processors or high-speed digital interfaces.

    Most custom-printed circuit boards are made from FR4 material, but other materials, such as polyimide, aluminum ceramic, high frequency, high speed, BT epoxy, IC substrate, polycarbonate etc, can also be used depending on the application and type of board being designed.

    We can manufacture both single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs) upto to 40 layers, rigid PCB, flexible PCB, rigid flex PCB, HDI with laser-drilled microvias , LED PCB, Microwave and RF PCB, Metal core, IC Substrate, Back drill, via-in-pad, heavy copper up to 20 oz etc. with a variety of surface finishes such as Pb free HASL, ENIG, Immersion Tin/Silver, OSP, ENEPIG,  Hard gold plating etc.

    Our standard lead time is 5-15 working days depending on the complexity of the design and size of the order. We also offer express service with a lead time of 1-7 working days for urgent orders.

    Yes, we specialize in small to medium volume PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly and Electronic Manufacturing Services. We can provide prototypes as quickly as within 24 hours and support low-volume production runs. 

    Yes, we have been specialized in One-Stop Solutions for PCB Fabrication & Assembly since 2007. We can produce your printed circuit board, sourcing electronic parts, and assembly PCBs. We can also supply Box Build Assembly for your electronic products.

    To produce bare printed circuit boards, we always need Gerber files. For PCB assembly, we need Gerber files and BOM. To produce complete electronic products, we need Gerber, BOM and documents for other materials such as metal parts, plastic parts etc.

    It is very complicated to produce a PCB, especially to produce a mutilayer PCB. Here is  short inroduction of main processes: Inner layer board cutting – Inner layer dry film and exposure – Inner layer etching – Inner layer AOI – Black oxide – Layup and lamination – board cutting – Drill – Dry film and exposure – Copper etching – Out layer AOI – Solder mask printing – Components marks printing – Surface treatment – Outline Profiling – E-testing – Quality checking – Packaging.

    Please refer to the normal processes of PCB assembly: Printed circuit board production or outsourcing – print solder paste – place SMT components on PCB – run through reflow oven – AOI testing – place PTH components on PCB – run wave soldering – manual assembly if needed – ICT/FCT – visual quality inspection –  packaging. 

    The cost of PCB varies greatly according to the material, layer count, copper thickness, stackup, technology, surface finish etc. As for PCB assembly, the cost of the components is the main part of the total cost. So it it every difficult to estimated the cost without the files. Please contact us and send us your Gerber and BOM files for a free quote.

    Custom PCB (printed circuit boards) offer a range of advantages compared to off-the-shelf products. These include more efficient and reliable designs with improved performance, scalability for future upgrades, and an ability to customize the board to suit specific requirements. Custom PCBs are more and more common nowadays.

    The design process for a custom printed circuit board typically includes several steps, such as creating a schematic diagram, selecting components, designing the board layout, and verifying the design. Once the design is finalized, a small batch of trial production maybe required for testing before mass production.

    The cost of designing a custom printed circuit board varies depending on the complexity of the design and components used. Generally, a custom PCB can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars or more. The pricing also depends on the quantity of boards needed and any additional services, such as prototyping or assembly, that may be required.

    The most common material used for PCB prototyping is FR-4, a glass-reinforced epoxy laminate. Other materials such as polyimide, aluminium, metal core, alumina, microwave, high speed, high frequency, halogen free, Teflon and BT (bismaleimide triazine) may also be used depending on the application. In addition, flexible PCBs can be manufactured using a variety of polymer materials such as polyester and polyimide. The exact type of material used will depend on the application requirements.

    The process for creating a PCB prototype typically involves several steps. First, designers create a schematic for the circuit and then use specialized software to design a printed circuit board. The board is then fabricated using the specified material, followed by assembly of components onto the board. Finally, tests are performed to ensure that the prototype functions as expected.

    The time it takes to create a PCB prototype will vary depending on the complexity of the design and the availability of components. Generally, most prototypes can be completed within 3-4 weeks. However, larger and more complex projects may take longer.

     PCB prototypes are beneficial in a number of ways. They allow engineers to quickly and cost-effectively test their designs and identify any potential issues before moving on to production. Additionally, they can be used to demonstrate new concepts to customers or investors without having to go through the full manufacturing process. Finally, prototyping allows for quick iteration and refinement of the design before the final version is produced.

    We offer a full suite of design services ranging from schematic capture to layout and fabrication. Our experienced engineers are available to assist in your PCBs for optimal performance, cost-effectiveness, and manufacturability.