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No matter what kind of PCB assemblies you need, we always can perfectly for you. we own full electronic material supply chain and advance facilities. High quality PCB boards and on time delivery is what we can do for you.

led light pcb
We are LED manufacturer, order led aluminum PCBs from Wholepcb over 8 years. Their sevice is good and reliable. Quote promptly, delivery on time and quality stable. They are good PCB manufacturer.
Medily Patricia​
Senior Buyer

multi function board

Access control Board

This is mutil function of access control board for turnstile gates, which can control the pedestrian pass the gate idendify them, if they register they can pass, if stranger, they can’t pass.

"Our access control system have been sold to Europe and America they work great. We use Wholepcb's PCB board to make our access control system, we satisfy with Wholepcb board."
John Allison
amplifier pcb

amplifier pcb

amplifier pcb control board

This amplifier has a higher overload capacity. it is so good, wouldn’t have crossover distortion, transient inter modulation distortion. 3.5mm audio jack and wireless audio input , input voltage from 8V to 26V DC, this audio power amplifier can provide Sound in high quality.

"Our amplifiers are all use whole pcb PCB board, their board is high quality performance great. In the future would continue to buy PCBs from Wholepcb"
Edward B. Suarez
power supply PCBs

Power control board

High power PCB

This is power supplies product board, it is need to handle high power high current, it must heat transfer great. 

"We purchase PCB board from Wholepcb to assemble our power products for years. Every project goes well. thank for Wholepcb excellent job, we would continue to work with them. "
Alicia Potter

rigid flex pcb

tablet rigid flex pcb

RIgid flex pcb usually own multilayer, its multilayer with inerconnectivity by the padded through holes. on the copper cladding substrate would be cover the flexible polyimide material.

"We use wholepcb circuit board to produce tablet pc. Our tablet pc sold well and got good feedback from customers. We trusted wholepcb work. Work with Wholepcb is our correct decision"
Anna Clark