California TOP 12 PCB Manufacturers

If you are looking for contract PCB manufacturing services in California, you can read this article, we would introduce you several pcb manufacturer who located in California.

Green Circuits Inc.

With more than 30 years of experience in board assembly, Green Circuits is well-equipped to meet the needs of electronics manufacturers. Their services span from rapid prototyping to medium-to-high-mix volume lead-free PCB assembly. Customers include the healthcare industry, medical device manufacturers, and electronics subcomponent manufacturers. Their systems have been registered to AS9100 and ISO13485 quality standards. Combined, their expertise in board assembly processes allows them to quickly turn prototypes into high-quality production runs.

As a full-service contract manufacturer in Silicon Valley, Green Circuits is well-positioned to address these requirements. They’ve recently acquired Vi Technology’s entire suite of AOI, SPI, and process management solutions. Vi’s flagship product, the Spectro 5K AOI, and SigmaLink process management software suite will help the company quickly diagnose defects and determine the root cause. This allows for continuous improvement.

Bay Area Circuits

San Francisco-based Bay Area Circuits serves contract assemblers, design engineers and high-tech manufacturers by manufacturing printed circuit boards. With over 25 years of experience, the company specializes in custom PCB manufacturing for a variety of industries. The PCB manufacturer have years of experience manufacturing a variety of PCB types, including medical, aerospace and military applications.

Murrietta Circuits

When it comes to custom printed circuit boards, there are several California companies that stand out among the crowd. Murrietta Circuits is one such company, serving the medical, aerospace, and military industries. They offer design, fabrication, assembly, and testing services. With their vertically integrated manufacturing model, Murrietta Circuits offers the complete cycle from design to completion.

San Francisco Circuits Inc

If you’re looking for a California PCB manufacturer, look no further. San Francisco Circuits Inc. is a PCB manufacturer based in San Mateo, California. They specialize in advanced PCB fabrication and have a comprehensive service portfolio. In addition to PCB manufacturing, they also offer PCB design and assembly.

Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits is the third largest PCB manufacturer in North America. They recently launched PCB Artist, a free design solution for PCBs that helps customers and prospects make corrections before the boards go into production. Advanced Circuits recently launched LIVE web chat to provide customers with immediate customer support. These PCB manufacturers are dedicated to helping their customers make the right decisions for their products.

California PCB Assembly

California PCB Assembly provides a full range of contract manufacturing services. From electronic assembly of printed circuit boards to the manufacturing of complete products, the company has supported the industry for over four decades. Its state-of-the-art facility and extensive practical knowledge enable them to meet the demands of their customers.


RUSH PCB offers the highest LAYER COUNT PCBS, engineering prototyping, and rigid-flex PCB. Moreover, our PCB assemblies meet the highest quality standards, including J-STD-001, ISO 9001:2015, and IPC-A-610E. They are committed to total customer satisfaction. For a quick and accurate quote, contact us today. We strive to be your PCB manufacturing partner.

Sierra Circuits

With over 35 years of experience, Sierra Circuits has established itself as one of the Top 5 PCB manufacturers in California and sets trends for the industry. This company has helped many customers overcome challenges and has the equipment and expertise to handle high-tech production requirements.

In addition to PCB manufacturing, Sierra Circuits also offers turnkey prototyping services for high-technology projects. The company uses multiple, unique processes to manufacture sophisticated boards with short turn-around times. They can assemble complex PCBs with BGA, micro-BGA, QFN, and leadless package parts. And, they have the expertise to meet the requirements of the electronics industry, including faster turnaround times and space-saving capabilities.

NEO Tech

The first one is the NEO Tech Fremont facility, which specializes in low-to-medium volume, high-mix electronic manufacturing. It serves various end markets including the medical equipment, defense and aerospace, and industrial technology. NEO Tech Fremont offers PCB assembly, package on package assembly, and box build systems integration with full test capabilities. NEO Tech Fremont is FDB-certified for Class 1 and 2 medical device manufacturing.

Whether you’re looking for quick turn PCB manufacturing services, PCB prototyping, PCB fabrication, or complete turnkey product assembly, Technotronix can meet your needs. Its PCB manufacturing services include design, prototyping, SMT assembly, and through hole assembly. Moreover, the company provides a range of other services, such as conformal coating, programming EPROM, and mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly. Its services include PCB layout, fabrication, assembly, and testing, enabling customers to make a confident purchase decision.