Colorado Pcb Assembly Manufacturers List

If you need colorado pcb assembly manufacturer to work for your pcb assembly project, you can read this article, we selected 10 colorado pcb assembly manufacturers and list out their company information here for your reference, wish you project can goes well.

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Tracer Inc.

Address: 13551 W 43rd Drive Unit O Golden, colorado 80403

Tracer Inc. as pcb assembly manufacturer in Golden, CO, found in 2016, own around 50 workers, specializing in Quick-Turn , Repair and Rework,Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Electronics EMS, PCB Board Assembly .

They can make low quantity to high volume pcb manufacturing for Aerospace, Communications, Energy, Medical.

pcba capabilitypcb manufacturing capability
Micro BGA with UnderfillHDI (High Density Interconnect)
Components as small as 008004 standard2mil Trace and Space
Components as large as 3” sq..006” finished hole – Drilled
BGA 2,000 Balls – 3mil dia.Aspect Ratio 14:1
High Speed Pick & Place LineMicro Via .004” – Laser
 Blind and Buried Via
Through Hole: 
Class 3 
Slide LineLayer Count / Profile:
Wave Solder2-40 Layers; from .008” to .450” Finished Thickness
 Sequential Lamination
Inspection/Testing:10oz Copper
SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)RoHS and Eutectic
AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)Via in Pad / Conductive and Non-Conductive fill
X-RAYVia –Fill Copper Plate
Functional Testing 
Power On Voltage MeasurementMaterials:
Inductance/Capacitance-Metal Clad
Resistance CheckFR4 370 / Rogers / Taconic / Megtron
 Arlon / Nelco / Polyimide / Kapton
Hot Air 
BGA removal/replacementFinishes:
Wire ModsHASL / HASL PB Free / ENIG
 ENIGPIG / Hard Gold / Silver / White Tin
Specialty Services: 
FLEX & RigidFlex CircuitsTest and Inspection:
Dispense RobotEnvironmental Testing / X Section
MicroelectronicsFlying Probe / Impedance Control / AOI
Cleaning to Preset Resistivity or Conductivity requirements 
MSL Handling Program 
RoHS, Lead, High & Low Temp solders 
Water Soluble & No Clean Flux 
Turnkey OR Consigned Kits 

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Advanced Circuits
Address: 21101 E. 32nd Pkwy. Aurora, CO 80011, colorado

Advanced Circuits Founded in 1989, employee quantity around 500 employees. Headquarters is in Aurora, CO.
They got certificates ISO 9001: 2015, AS9100D, MIL-PRF-31032, MIL-PRF-55110, IPC 6012 CLASS 3/3A.
A leader manufacturer in pcb industry, they provide pcb prototype to large scale production service. their pcb used in defense, aerospace, military, commercial industries.


SpecificationsCustom PCBStandard PCB
Layer Count0 – 40 Layers0 – 10 Layers
Turn TimeSame Day – 4 WeeksSame Day – 5 Day
Quantity Req.1 – 10000+1 – 10000+
MaterialsFR-4/Rogers/Polyimide/Aluminum Clad/High-Temp. FR4/Others »FR-4
Plating FinishElectrolytic Hard Gold/Soft Gold/ENIG/Nickel/Immersion Silver OSP/Leaded & Lead-Free HALLead-Free HAL*
Cert. / QualificationsIPC6012 Class 2-3A / IPC6018 Class 3  MIL-PRF-31032 / MIL-PRF-55110 / ISO 9001:2008 / AS9100C / More »IPC Class 2 – A600
Board ThicknessFull Range Available.031″ / .062″ / .093″ / .125″
Copper  Weight0.5 – 4 oz. Inner / 1 – 20 oz. Outer1 oz. Inner / Up to 2 oz. Outer
Trace/SpaceDown to 2.75 / 3 Mils5 / 5 Mils
Solder Mask (LPI)Various Color OptionsGreen
Plated HolesPlated / Non-PlatedPlated / Non-Plated
Hole Tolerance+/- 0.003″ (Upon Request)+/- 0.005″
Rout Tolerance+/- 0.005″ (Upon Request)+/- 0.010″
Slots/Cutouts/EdgesPlated / Non-PlatedNon-Plated Only
Min. Hole Size0.004″0.010″
LegendVarious Color OptionsWhite
Blind/Buried ViasYesX
Counter BoresYesX
Counter SinksYesX
Controlled ImpedanceYesX
Controlled DielectricYesX
Castellated HolesYesX
Gold FingersYesYes
Lead-Free MarkingsYesYes
UL Markings/DatesYes**Yes**
Mask Plugged ViasYesX
Etch BackYesX
Tetra EtchYesX
Cover CoatYesX
Cavity ProcessYesX
Laser RoutYesX
LPI LegendYesX
Edge MillYesX
Unique SerializationYesX
Back DrillingYesX
Controlled Depth DrillYesX

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Advanced Assembly
Address: 20100 E. 32nd Pkwy, Ste 225 Aurora, CO 80011

Advanced Assembly was found in 2004 located in Aurora, CO. around 200 employees. they specializing in prototypes PCB to low-volume PCBs manufacturing service. quick turn pcba delivery time can be less than 3 days.

They have develop their own software to improve automatic pcb assembly, make the production time shorter and less error. They have finished over 40000 new design products assembly.


Fine Pitch to 0.4mmSMT and Thru-Hole
BGA Repair and ReballPress Fits
Part Removal and ReplacementParts in Any Format
Printed Circuit Boards: smallest 0.25″ x 0.25″ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D
Printed Circuit Boards: largest 17″ x 21″Passives Down to 01005
RoHS and LeadedBall Grid Array (BGAs) and VFBGA
Flying probe, 3D BGA X-Ray and functional testingBox Build
Double-Sided SMT AssemblyLarger Quantity Board Assembly

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Nova Engineering Inc

Address: 1011 W. 45th Avenue Denver, colorado 80211 United States

Nova Engineering Inc established in 1986, located in Denver, Colorado, around 50 employees. They provide service such as NPI, DFM, Design, PCB prototype, pcb assembly, turnkey assembly and so on.


FHD – 47X zoomTemperature range 77°F (25°C) – 662°F (350°C)
HD – 40X zoomAccuracy of temperature control ±1°F
Mantis Elite – 10X zoomMinimum/maximum board width 5cm to 45.7cm
 Maximum conveyor speed 188cm/min
Minimum board size 50mm x 50mmMinimum stencil size 650mm x 650mm
Maximum board size 450mm x 400mmMaximum stencil size 850mm x 850mm
 PCB minimum size = 80mm x 50mm
 PCB maximum size = 610mm x 610mm

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PCB Prime.
Address: 3091 S Jamaica CT, Suite 120, Aurora, colorado 80014 United States

PCB Prime is established in 2018, located in Aurora, Colorado, around 10 employees. They are delicate to provide service of Quick Turn,High Quality, Prototype, CB Assembly, Component Sourcing,Full Turnkey Services, Functional Testing, Box Builds, Cable Assembly, PCB Manufacturing. Their worker have worked in pcb manufacturing industry around over 8 – 15 years.

PCB Capability:

Min Board Thickness (2 Layers)10 mil
Max Board Thickness314.96 mil
Board Thickness Tolerance (Upon Request)±5%
Min Board Thickness (4 Layers)11.8 mil
Min Core Thickness (Not including copper)2 mil
Largest Panel Size23.62″ x 39.37″
Min Pre-Preg Thickness2.3 mil
Board Thickness Tolerance (Standard)±10% or ±5 mil, whichever is greater
Min Inner Layer Copper Thickness0.3 oz.
Max Outer Layer Copper Thickness11 oz.
Min Outer Layer Copper Thickness (no plating in holes)0.25 oz.
Max Inner Layer Copper Thickness6 oz.
Min Laser Drill Size3 mil
Min Mechanical Aspect Ratio (Laminate / Drill)12 / 1
Min Drill Size6 mil
Min Line Width / Spacing (Inner Layer)3 / 3.5 mil
Min Copper Space to outline CNC Route/Score10/12 mil
Min Line Width / Spacing (Outer Layer)3 / 3.5 mil
SOLDER MASK COLORSGreen, Matte Green, Light Green, Black, Matte Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Clear
SILK SCREEN COLORSWhite, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green
Solder Mask Registration Tolerance±2 mil
Min Solder Mask Print Width (Mask Dam)4 mil
Controlled Impedance (Upon Request)±7%
Controlled Impedance (Standard)±10%
Lead Free Solder (HASL)Deep/Hard/Flash Gold (Electrolytic Nickel Gold)
Immersion SilverCarbon Ink
Immersion Gold (Electroless Nickel Gold – ENIG)Wirebondable Gold (99.99% Pure Gold)
Immersion Tin (White Tin)Gold Finger (Hard Gold)
Lead Solder (HASL)OSP (Entek)
FR4 (170°C – 180°C Tg)Rigid-Flex
FR4 (135°C Tg)Flex

Pcba capability:

QuantityPrototype to Production
Assembly TypeSurface Mount, Through Hole, Mixed
PCB SpecificationsRigid, Metal Core, Flex
Max Panel (500 mm x 450 mm)
Component TypesSMT 0201 or larger
BGA .5 mm pitch
BGA X-ray inspected
Cable and Wire
Turn Times1-4 Weeks (check in for rapid turn around prototyping)
Solder TypesLead Free, RoHS Compliant
StencilsLaser Cut
Quality StandardsIPC Class II / IPC Class III
SMT Parts PresentationCut Type, Partial Reel, Bulk, Reel, Tube, Tray

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Circuits West Inc.
410 South Sunset, Suite D, Longmont, colorado 80501 United States

Circuits West Inc. have a new 20,000 sq-ft. facility and have over 30 years experience in pcb manufacturing. Ship out pcb order to customer within 10 days. 100% testing before shipping out pcb to customer. they can reply customer question with 90 minutes.


PCB typesBlind & Buried Vias.
1- 20 Layers.
Via in Pad Technology Using conductive & non-conductive Fill materials(CB-100, San Ei PHP 900, etc.)
Controlled impedance, Plated Slots, Plated Edges, Selective Plating, Launch sites, Countersink / Counterbore, Score,  Planar Transformers, Printed Antennas, and more.
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for both inner and outer layers.
Trace/Space and Drilling InformationDrilling with .008” bits for .006” hole size for .062” PCB’s
High Aspect Ratio of 10:1.
.003”line and space Capability (Film-less Direct Imaging in use).
Board FinishesENIG- Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold
Lead Free Solder
Immersion Silver
Electrolytic Hard or Soft Gold 30-100 microinches
63/37 Solder
RoHS Laminates:Isola 185 HR
Isola 370 HR
Isola IS410
Isola FR408
Isola P95/P96 polyimides
Ventec VT-47
Ventec VT-461
RF and Specialty Laminates:Rogers Ultralam series
Taconic RF families
Nelco 4000 family
Arlon Teflons and Microwave families
Rogers 3000 series
Rogers 4000 series
Finished Cu WeightsGround Plane(inner lay): .5 – 4oz Cu
Signal(inner lay): .5 – 3oz Cu
Outer layers: 1-6oz Cu
LPI SoldermaskColors available: Green, blue, black, red, white, clear

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V-Tech founded

Address: 9233 Park Meadows Dr. Suite #3, Lone Tree, Colorado 80124 United States

V-Tech founded in 2012 located in in Lone Tree, Colorado. They are specializing in Electronic EMS service, such as Cable Harnesses assembly, box build, pcb assembly, electronic component supplies, terminal blocks, connectors, metal fabrication, prototype, new production development, SMT, THT, x-ray, AOI, ICT test etc.

Their PCB types:

  1. Blind and Buried Vias
  2. HDI Micro Via Boards
  3. multilayer boards up to 40 layers
  4. double sided PCB
  5. Single PCB
  6. Flex and Rigid Flex PCB
  7. Special Materials
  8. Metal Backed
  9. Heavy Copper
  10. RF Boards
  11. ENIG
  12. Gold Plating
  13. Special Thermal materials
  14. Fine mil lines and spacing down to 3 and 3
  15. Solder mask in all colors

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Colorado PCB Assembly

Address: 15131 E Fremont Dr #102, Centennial, colorado 80112, United States

Colorado PCB Assembly focus on pcb fabrication, low quantity pcb assembly, components turnkey, quick turn assembly. their PCBs are usually used to produce products in LED lighting, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, telecommunications industries.

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Aspen Electronics Mfg Inc.
Address: 8975 Marshall Ct., Unit 100, Westminster, colorado 80031United States

Aspen Electronics Ltd Founded in 1974, They are specializing in Spectrum Analysers, Adaptors and Cables, RF & Microwave Connectors, RF & Microwave Filters,Frequency Counters, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Power Supplies, Oscilloscopes, Crystal Oscillators, Amplifiers, RF & Microwave Components manufacturing service.

They can do :

  • Surface Mount PCB
  • Components Sourcing
  • Prototyping
  • Functional Testing
  • Through Hole PCB

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Linear Manufacturing
Address: 1096 Elkton Dr. Colorado Springs, colorado 80907 United States

Linear Manufacturing founded in 1995, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, own around 50 employees. They provide electronic Manufacturing service, such as PCB assembly, BGA, Fine Pitch, Through Hole,Box Build, Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Turnkey Assembly, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), SMT capabilities 0.0402, Mixture of SMT and THT. Low volume and high volume the both can do etc. 

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