How to Choose an SMT Assembly Manufacturer?

The benefits of SMT assembly are numerous. SMT components are much smaller than their through-hole counterparts, making them easier to use in applications where board space is limited. Moreover, SMT PCB products are lighter than their through-hole counterparts, making them ideal for low-weight devices. It also saves space, which means they can be compact and offer better features. It’s no wonder why so many electronics manufacturers have chosen SMT assembly as the preferred method.

SMT Assembly Manufacturer

The first step of SMT assembly is solder paste printing. During this step, an automated solder paste printer and laser-cut SMT stencil is used. Then using the automatic pick and place machine to place components on PCB.
Once a component is placed on a circuit board, the board would be send to a reflow soldering machine to solidified the components.

If you are not an SMT expert, the SMT process is hard to operate perfect by yourself. Luckily, you can choose a SMT assembly manufacturer that specializes in custom PCB assembly. The process is highly automated and requires minimal involvement from your team. SMT assembly manufacturers use the latest Surface Mount Technology to attach and solder the electrical component on the PCB. Whether you need a simple PCB, a complicated system, or a custom design, you can rest assured that they can handle it.

How to select a good SMT assembly manufacturer?

When looking for an SMT assembly manufacturer, there are a few things you need to consider.

First, choose a manufacturer that has state-of-the-art equipment that is flexible enough to accommodate changes on the PCB.

SMT assemblier want to make out reliable quality PCB, they should test equipment, such as AOI, X-Ray tester. A high-quality SMT assembly will display a quality mark from X-ray and AOI checks. An AOI check ensures accuracy and consistency. The AOI check is a standard quality control process for an SMT assembly, and is an important aspect for your PCB design.

In addition to high-quality equipment, the best SMT assembly manufacturers have a highly trained staff of quality control positions and the number of quality-control engineers. They understand every step of the manufacturing process.

The more experienced they are, the better. When choosing a SMT assembly manufacturer, you need to make sure they can handle your part’s unique requirements. Only then can you guarantee the quality of your finished product.

To find a quality SMT assembly manufacturer, make sure you audit the factory’s quality control processes. A SMT Assembly Manufacturer approved ISO9001 or other ISO certification would be a good partner.

As time-to-market is so important in the electronic manufacturing industry, Delivery time is an important consideration when choosing a SMT assembly manufacturer.

Find an assembly manufacturer, you should look for a partner who will take the time to meet your expectations. Only them can make out high quality PCB for you.

Second, you want to find a manufacturer that uses high-quality materials. Only the SMT assembly manufacturer use the good qualtiy materials, they can make out high quality PCBs for you.

Finally, choose a company that works within your budget. But a SMT manufacturer offering too low cost may not be best option. SMT assembly manufacturers compete in the marketplace by offering low prices. But low prices may be at the expense of quality, such as insufficient QC teams or AOI devices.

A SMT assembly manufacturer’s quality and efficiency should be measured by the prototypes they deliver. This is an active way to evaluate the quality of an SMT assembler, demonstrating CM’s electronic manufacturing capabilities and long-term cooperation expectations. A high-quality prototype will give OEMs confidence that the final product will be exactly what they’re looking for.

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