List Of Top 8 PCB Companies In Spain

There are a number of different advantages to working with a PCB company in Spain. The country enjoys favourable regulations that make it a viable location for electronic assembly. Nonetheless, picking the best one can be a challenging task. Here is what to look for in a Spanish PCB company. We have listed three important factors to consider before deciding which one to choose.

1.Berango Electric

Berango Electric Company is a world leader in the field of electrical distribution and electronic assembly. Founded in 1962, this company has been a global leader in manufacturing and assembling electronic products. Its specialty lies in pneumatics, charging point installations, and electronic engineering. The company has modern machines and highly skilled staff that will help you get the most out of your electronic assembly project.

2. Cipsacircuits S.A.

Cipsacircuits S.A. is a company in the electronics industry. Its products include double-cara and multicapa circuits, prototypes, grandes series, and others.


CIRCUITOS IMPRESOS is a Spanish manufacturer that produces printed circuit boards. The company has facilities of more than 4,000 square meters, with around 80 employees. Their engineers are highly trained, and they take pride in providing superior customer service. They manufacture circuits from two to thirty caps, and use the latest technology to ensure top-notch quality. They also have access to specialty materials.


PCB manufacturers in Spain are usually based in Barcelona or Valencia, depending on the region. These firms offer a wide variety of PCB services, from single-sided to double-sided. They also offer multilayer PCB and high-speed PCBs. In addition, they have highly qualified work and R&D teams. You can count on their professional expertise and fast turnaround time to deliver your project on time.


Another PCB manufacturing company is THREELINE S.L., which was founded in 2006. This company specializes in LED lighting. Its products are energy efficient, and it offers competitive pricing. Its engineers are focused on developing applications for different types of lighting needs. Moreover, it offers personalization and adaptability to clients’ needs. In short, you can rely on this PCB manufacturer in Spain to meet your PCB needs.

6. A. B. Circuits S. A

The company is based in -, with over 4000 square meters of facilities and 80 professionals. Its objective is to provide the highest level of service to its clients. Moreover, the company manufactures circuits with two to 18 caps, using the latest technology. The company is certified by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Its annual turnover is between two and ten million euros. It is registered in the Barcelona Companies Register, with 27 charges.

7. TECCI Circuitos Impresos SL

TECCI Circuitos Impreso SL is a PCB company based in Madrid, Spain. It manufactures and assembles printed circuit boards for various industrial applications. The company also designs and manufactures flexible electric cable for use in electric appliances. It has been a leading company in the PCB industry in Spain for over 20 years.

TECCI Circuitos Impreso SL is one of the three Spanish PCB companies. This company provides PCBs for various industries, including electronics, telecommunications, medical devices, and the Internet. Its modern facilities and innovative technology help it achieve a competitive edge in the electronics industry. The company is also represented by the IBAIA.

8. More Electronics ApS

More Electronics ApS is a Spanish PCB manufacturer that has been in business for more than fifteen years. Its facility in Tumkur is equipped with Europeon machines and a total land area of over 27000 square meters. The company employs 450 people and has achieved a delivery performance rate of 95%. With three manufacturing facilities in Spain, More Electronics ApS is one of the most reliable places to outsource your PCBs.

The company is a certified operator and has years of experience in fabricating and assembling electronic products. It is located in Spain’s Donostia-San Sebastian region and has facilities with the latest equipment and technology. In addition to these advanced services, More Electronics ApS is an affordable, high-quality choice for your PCB manufacturing needs. In addition to having skilled employees and cutting-edge equipment, it offers a number of competitive prices and a quick turnaround time.