Automated PCB Assembly

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Automated PCB Assembly
Automated PCB Assembly

Advantages of Automated PCB Assembly

There are several advantages to automated PCB assembly, and many of them are immediate, including faster turnaround times, less labor cost, and improved quality. The following are some of the main benefits of automated PCB assembly. The first is the immediate cost reduction. Automation can reduce labor costs because some assemblers can assemble boards digitally prior to production, eliminating the need for manual error correction later on. The second benefit is the reduction of employee costs, which means significant financial savings for manufacturers.

Automated PCB assembly involves a pick and place process, where the operator supplies the machine with the electrical components. During this process, solder paste is applied on the board and components are placed onto them. However, solder paste must solidify to bind the components to the board. Solder paste is applied using stencils to minimize risk associated with placement of components. This process is more accurate than manual PCB assembly.


Automated PCB assembly reduces the risk of error. Because the assembly process requires precision and extreme precision, a computerized machine can eliminate the need for errors and speed up the process. Furthermore, automation systems will preserve the likeliness of each board. In addition to saving time, automation services will ensure that each board meets high quality standards. They also eliminate the risks of errors associated with human error, and may even improve your business’s bottom line.

Lastly, automated PCB assembly can reduce overall costs. Automated PCB assembly processes allow manufacturers to lower their labor costs and increase their production volumes. Unlike manual PCB assembly, automated PCB assemblers use exclusive software to assemble circuit boards digitally before production. By eliminating human error and improving the quality of the final product, automated PCB assembly can reduce the risk of delays and mistakes. The cost of PCB assembly can be decreased with automated assembly because less workers are required.

While automated PCB assembly can reduce labor costs, manual checks are still an important part of PCB assembly. While in-person visual inspection by a designer is still a viable option for smaller batches, it becomes unpractical when the number of boards increases. Plus, it’s tiring to look at small components for more than an hour. Additionally, optical fatigue is a major concern when inspecting PCBs manually.

Increasing production and efficiency: Automation allows PCBs to be mass produced faster than ever. Manufacturers should consider automation when designing their products. Automation can be built into the design phase, reducing manual labor and improving quality. The components should be oriented correctly so that the automated assembly processes can be as efficient as possible. A PCB assembly line will also be able to perform functional tests and package the final product for deployment. The benefits of automation are numerous.

AOI (automatic optical inspection): This process utilizes a series of high-powered cameras arranged at different angles to view the solder connections. Different solder connections reflect light differently, so automatic optical inspection machines can detect lower-quality solder. Automated optical inspection also allows large PCB production runs in a short amount of time. These advantages make automated PCB assembly a very desirable option for many companies.

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