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As a Custom Circuit Board Assembly manufacturer established in 2005, we own an excellent engineers and worker team, which can help you fabricate out excellent qulaity Circuit Board in short delivery time. Learn more about our company click here>>

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Custom Prototype Circuit Board Assembly

From prototyping to creation to fix, Wholepcb gives a wide scope of printed circuit board facbrication and assembling administrations. Wholepcb PCB gathering administrations incorporate planning, prototyping, new item presentation (NPI), store network the executives, and collecting an extensive variety of printed circuit sheets. A few additional administrations given by us are BGA revamping, conformal covering, IC programming, X-beam review, in-circuit testing (ICT), computerized optical examination, link and wire outfit get together, Box Build gathering, and some more. The PCB congregations that we fabricate observe all the important business guidelines, and are RoHS consistent. The conformal covering and preparing administrations that we furnish are in consistence with the IPC-CC-830B guidelines. As a piece of our PCB get together administrations, we likewise give model congregations, which assist you with getting an unmistakable image of the last gathering. This will likewise assist in getting with freeing of the blunders in planning at a previous stage, subsequently lessening the general assembling costs. All our PCB gatherings are made in China.

We are specialists of our specialty, and our art is Custom Circuit Board Assembly service.
We at Wholepcb are an independent venture on the most fundamental level, which takes special care of the requirements of huge company. We have the flexibility to oblige an assortment of PCB gathering necessities. Our 10+ long periods of information and experience in electronic manufacturing industry, 6 Thru-opening (PTH) and 14 Surface Mount (SMT ) sequential construction systems, and the most recent in plan, prototyping, NPI, assembling, and testing hardware. We take care of different enterprises, giving our printed circuit board get together administrations for clients in protection, medical services, Government, and industrial. We anticipate completing on challenging projects, which can assist us with improving our abilities and capacities, and surpass the assumptions for clients.

Wholepcb is among the not many Custom Circuit Board Assembly manufacturing provider, who have the ability to plan and foster printed circuit sheets that match the specific prerequisites and particulars given by the clients. Likewise, we are known for our quickest completion times in the business. Our exceptional office comprising of all the high level, and cutting edge hardware makes this conceivable.

Why wholepcb are you best partner for your Custom Circuit Board Assembly project ?

A thorough scope of PCB Assembly Services: We give a wide scope of Custom Circuit Board Assembly manufacture s including SMT,THT, Mixed assembling, rigid-flex PCB, flexible PCB, rigid PCB, and Package on Package (POP) bundles.

100 percent Quality Guarantee: At Wholepcb, we source all parts from confided in providers and producers. All PCB congregations are exposed to thorough testing and review, for example, X-beam assessment, in-circuit testing (ICT), useful testing, and AOI. This permits us to guarantee 100 percent quality of PCB assemblies.

Custom PCB Assembly Services: We comprehend that PCB gathering necessities shift across various ventures. For example, the PCBs utilized in the military and protection industry are not quite the same as the PCBs utilized in the PCs and business gadgets. We meet the necessities of clients across these businesses by giving them custom PCB get together administrations. Our specialists will work with you to comprehend the prerequisites and they will propose the arrangements likewise.

fast Turn PCB Assemblies: We guarantee the quickest times required to circle back in the business. Our lead times fluctuate from 1 fourteen days on complex undertakings and 1-5 days on standard tasks. On the off chance that every one of the parts are obtained from our Open Parts Library (OPL), the conveyance times can be effectively sped up.

Small quantity Prototype, and Large Volume Production: As an accomplished PCB gathering administration, we can chip away at a wide range of tasks. It doesn’t make any difference, whether you require a solitary PCB assemblies or north of 10,000 pieces, we can serve you better.

Elite Customer Service: Wholepcb has faith in client driven PCB gathering administration. As a piece of it, you will be working with a committed undertaking supervisor, as well as the assembly and designing groups.

Some things about the Custom Circuit Board Assembly

Custom circuit board assembly is a process where a circuit design is developed on a computer and realized in a board assembly. The board is typically double-sided with through-hole plating and a green solder resist. It is made from a mixture of through-hole and surface mount components. During the assembly process, a custom circuit board may be assembled in one of two ways. A manual process involves hand placement of components, while an automated one uses an optical inspection system to check for the proper application of solder paste.

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are used in many electrical projects, including medical devices, ticket redemption games, and even heavy machinery. Custom PCBs are flexible, space-saving, and feature strips of conductive material that integrate circuits. Unlike a standard circuit board, custom PCBs can fit a wide variety of circuits in a small space. Because they can be so flexible, custom PCBs are also highly customizable.

Custom PCB assembly starts with the creation of a bill of materials (BOM). The BOM lists the components that will make up the board. It is a critical step in the PCB manufacturing process, and mistakes in the BOM can delay the assembly process. Manufacturers are forced to spend extra time fixing mistakes in the BOM, which delays the final delivery of the board. This is why it is essential to review the BOM periodically. You should check it whenever you make changes to your PCB design, as the addition of new components will require an update to the BOM.

As consumer electronics evolve, the demand for custom products continues to rise. The choice between a fully customized product that is built from the ground up and a semi-custom product that features interchangeable components is commonplace. In such a case, a custom printed circuit board with flexible designs is essential. Moreover, the PCB assembly process must be automated to ensure accuracy. So, it is imperative to consider all these factors before choosing the custom circuit board assembly process.

PCBs are intricately designed pathways with metallic insertions that facilitate the flow of electricity through them. Easy movement of electric power ensures that electronic devices work without interruption. PCB assembly is a vital part of the process. A well-assembled PCB can save you time and money in the long run. If you’re not sure about the process, here are some questions you might want to ask your custom circuit board assembly provider.

During the circuit board assembly process, a technician must check the board for defects. Any faulty components may be desoldered to eliminate these issues. This process is known as rework. However, some PCB assemblies may not be salvageable. Before opting for a custom circuit board assembly service, it’s crucial to discuss your needs with an engineer. They will determine if the process is a viable option for your needs.

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