Double Sided SMT Assembly

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Double Sided SMT Assembly
Double Sided SMT Assembly

Double Sided SMT Assembly knowledges:

The process of double-sided SMT assembly is similar to general assembly, with a few exceptions. First, the assembly files must meet the standards of the designer. A double-sided SMT board is divided into two separate parts. The process of assembling each part begins by printing the first side with a screen solder paste. This process is similar to the single-sided SMT assembly process, except that side B must be printed using a special turnover.

After the soldering process, heavy parts must be placed on the second side. If they are not placed on the first side, the parts may fall off the second side of the board during the reflow. A vacuum package should be used along with a humidity display card to ensure that the PCBs do not experience excessive moisture. Release paper must be used in between the two PCBs to avoid friction. The boards must not be placed in direct sunlight to prevent degradation of their surfaces.

When assembling double-sided boards, the components must be carefully oriented so that the solder joints do not overlap each other. A selective wave fixture can be used to mask the bottom-side surface mount, allowing for a 0.1-inch gap between the PTH and SMT lands. This can improve yield during wave soldering. It is important to remember that thermal expansion and thermal conduction are closely related to the board’s reflow rate.

Double-sided SMT assembly is a common method of manufacturing circuit boards. It is used in circuit board factories and is one of the core technologies of today’s electronic component assembly line. The process involves mounting both electronic and electrical components on the board. Various automatic machines perform the task. Double-sided SMT assembly machines help in picking and placing components. They ensure accuracy, reliability, and repeatability. These machines are capable of completing the job quickly and effectively.

The soldering paste should be applied correctly. When soldering components, it is crucial to apply the soldering paste in precise patterns. Otherwise, the components may come off. Additionally, the process of double-sided SMT assembly requires accurate application of solder paste. Therefore, a PCB manufacturer’s quality control process ensures a quality product. If the quality control process is not complete, the product will be faulty.

Surface Mount Technology is a popular method of PCB assembly. This process allows electronics to be installed with minimal effort. The process allows for increased component density without drilling circuit boards. Additionally, the process lends itself to automation. Furthermore, small-sized components are typically cheaper than their through-hole counterparts. The resulting board is compact and allows the placement of more components on both sides of the board. When double-sided SMT is used in PCB assembly, it can achieve a higher component density than the single-sided process.

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