Flex Circuit Assembly

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Flex Circuit Assembly
Flex Circuit Assembly

Many manufacturers and users of flexible circuits face problems with solder joints, which can crack when the circuit is bent. In addition, some trace arrangements are not suited to bending. The solder joints are rigid, and the bending of the circuit can expose the circuit to other elements that can damage it. To solve this problem, manufacturers and users must ensure that the spacing between the solder masks is wide enough to avoid any bending-induced stress.

Flex Circuit Assembly

BOM of Flex Circuit Assembly

A BOM describes the physical footprint of each part, such as the dimensions and material type. It also includes tolerances, values, and other design data. This document can be very long depending on the information that is included. The bill of materials is organized differently, but often begins with a comment section that identifies the parts. The next step is component sourcing, which involves finding component suppliers for the flex circuit. After finding component suppliers, you can design your flex circuit.

Flex Circuit Assembly 3

The next step is to select materials. These materials will include copper, silk screen, and solder. Then, the machine will print the design on the flexible substrate. The flexible substrate is made of polyester or polyimide film. If the design is suitable for the process, the flex circuit will have a conductive layer on the flexible substrate. In order to create the circuit, it is important that the substrates are heat-resistant and durable.

Lastly, a flex circuit can be damaged due to excessive EMI, which causes a circuit to malfunction. If the copper in the flex circuit is not properly insulated, it may leak moisture or contain air bubbles. Consequently, the copper will be exposed to more corrosion and may fail to function as designed. The best way to prevent this problem is to design for manufacturability. And, it is important to avoid any mistakes in the design of the flex circuit.

The second method is surface mount assembly. Surface mount technology involves placing components into through holes. This type is more suited for large components, with wires and leads. Another method is double-sided flex circuit assembly. In this case, the holes on the flex circuit act as component leads. The final product is then soldered. A single-sided flex circuit assembly can be double-sided, with a plated through-hole.

For a high-quality rigid-flex circuit, customers should understand basic assembly requirements. Rigid flex circuits are often found in laptops and computers. Rigid-flex circuit assembly can be stressful for a manufacturer, so it’s important to partner with a company with a trained staff of engineers. They can help alleviate some of the problems associated with rigid-flex circuit assembly. In addition, hiring a Rigid-Flex circuit manufacturer can also streamline the supply chain.

Space-grade flex circuit assemblies are suitable for applications that require high-reliability, space-saving, and reduced weight. These assemblies can flex three-axes and are able to accommodate a densely-packed enclosure. They can even eliminate discrete wiring, which further reduces the size and weight of the final product. This process makes them ideal for space-constrained applications. This type of board can save a significant amount of space compared to a rigid PCB.

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