Prototype PCB Assembly

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  1. What is Prototype PCB assembly?
  2. Why you’d better making the Prototype PCB assembly?
  3. How much does a prototype PCB cost?
  4. How do I order a prototype PCB assembly?
  5. what is PCB prototype service?
  6. How to select a reliable PCB prototype service company?

what is prototype pcb assembly?

Prototype PCB assembly is engineer in the product design stage make out one pieces or several pieces PCB sample for testing function, strengths and weaknesses of the PCB board, if found any problem, they would correct their design. So Prototype PCB assembly is testing purpose.

Prototype PCB assembly is an essential process when you need to develop a novel function or feature for your PCB. This is crucial for detecting design flaws and ensuring overall performance of the product. Prototypes are crucial for PCBs that are intricate or have complex structures, as These can be difficult to fix after production starts. Prototype PCB Assembly helps to identify problems and develop solutions to them before they cause costly mistakes.

why you’d better making the prototype pcb assembly?

Before mass production we need to sure the PCB design is correct. Prevent the any potential problems in the PCB assembly design. If those problem can not be found in the PCB stage, you may lose a lot money in the future. Just image if you haven’t make the PCB assembly prototype for testing, and go into mass production directly, and after mass production you find a lot of defect product, just because the PCB design is not perfect. At that time you may need to rework on mass defect products, that would consume a lot of money and time, right? If in the design stage you make a Prototype PCB Assembly to test, find out the potential problems and correct them, it does would take some time, but compare with consuming mass cost in rework, investment in making PCB assembly prototype is really little cost.

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Advantage of prototype PCB assembly:

  • The PCB assembly prototype can help engineer to discover the issue and let them to correct the problem in the early stage.
  • Using the PCB assembly prototype can help you to make your production more efficient. If without PCB prototype, you go into mass production, during the mass production find out the PCB issue, your production would be delayed.
  • PCB assembly prototype can let you test components and part individually and find out problem easier.
  • Using PCB assembly prototype service you can let the third party engineer to go through to check your PCB design, that would be found out some problems you may neglect, such as inefficiencies,design blind spots,excessive input, structure not good etc.
  • Prototype PCB Assembly can let engineer to check product design, conditional testing, functional testing, PCB design in visual, easy to find out the issue.
  • Reduce the time to make out the best product to meet market request. Those product without PCB Prototype and sales to customer, they would easy find out with a lot problem, feedback from customers, and those products would need rework again and again, that would take long time to improve to be a perfect product. so make PCB assembly prototype, can prevent these problem.

How Much Does A Prototype PCB Assembly Cost?

Different design PCB assembly prototype cost is different. Their price may be from a few dollars to hundreds dollars. Their price can be so far different, because the Prototype PCB Assembly cost affect by many factors, such as complexity, material, size, components, deadlines and design.

  • Size: if you PCB assembly prototype size is large, it would use more material, so its price would also be expensive.
  • Material: You know different PCB material is different price, if your PCB Assembly need to use some expensive material, your PCB assembly would be costly.
  • Complexity: If there is a lot of electronic components and complex wiring design on you PCB board, the cost would be not low.
  • Leadtime urgent: if your PCB assembly prototype request to finish in limited time, you would need to spend more cost.

If you want to know your prototype PCB assembly cost, you can contact us, we are PCB assembly prototype service manufacturer for over 16 years, we always give customer competitive price.

how do i order a prototype pcb assembly?

First you need to select a good prototype PCB assembly service manufacturer. What does a good prototype PCB assembly service provider look like? Below Several points they should have:

First, they should have advanced facilities and equipment to finished your prototype PCB assembly. They should have strictly quality control system, such as ISO certificated.

Second, they should have an experience engineer team, who have operation a lot of case of prototype PCB assembling for their customer. And all case finished well for their customer.

Third, the PCB assembly prototype manufacturer should have a good reputation. They should be famous in the PCB prototype industry.

WholePCB is a professional prototype PCB assembly manufacturer for over 16 years. We pass ISO 9001 and 94v-0 UL certification certificated, and PCB assembly prototype according to IPC-600G and IPC-6012B, and we test the quality by automatic optical inspection (AOI), X-ray detecting system and  ICT. every year have around 6000 new customer come to ask us make prototype PCB assembly for them. We always can finished welcome for them, let them satisfied with our service.     

If you need PCB assembly prototype manufacturer work for your prototype project, what you should provide to them? Below are the important information they need:

  • BOM list (according to your BOM, they would know what material and and components you use, and they can quote back you exactly price)
  • Gerber files
  • Quantity required (different quantity, PCBassembly prototype unit price is different, usually the more you order, unit price is cheaper)
  • Specialrequirements (like soldering method, finishing or non-mounted)

what is Prototype PCB Assembly service?

The PCB prototype manufacturer help their customer to make out PCB prototype, test its performance whether meet their expectation, such as construction strength and weakness, electrical feature.

A prototype PCB assembly is often made of a mixture of through-hole and surface-mount mounting. When you combine these two techniques, you get a hybrid assembly. The through-hole component is fitted with a metallic lead. After this step, you ‘ll begin the soldering process. The solder joint is the connection between the component and board. It’s the first step in prototyping your PCB.

how to select a reliable Prototype PCB Assembly service company?

If you want to take choose a good PCB assembly manufacturer to operate your PCB prototype project for you. You should select the PCB prototype carefully. Though on the market there is a lot of PCB manufacturer, but some of them are lack of professional experience and knowledge of make good PCB assembly prototype. But there is still some tips for you, may be can help you.

First, Check the PCB prototype manufacturer reputation. Usually the company have good reputation, that mean the have a good ability of provide excellent R and D, industry experience, service. That would help you to save time and energy in communication.

Second, go to visit the PCB assembly prototype manufacturer factory. Check their work environment include their worker mental state, usually a good Prototype PCB Assembly manufacturer factory is every clean and tidy, every things Arrange neatly. That mean their managed is strict. And their work would also more efficient.

 Third, check the manufacturer whether have completed and advanced equipment. Whether they have SMT lines, AOI testing, ICT testing machines, Whether have be registered in national Bureau of Quality Supervision, whether they approved ISO9001 certificated. All of these can approve their production quality.  

Though the process of the mass PCB assembly and PCB Prototype assembly is almost similar, but there is still some points different. Mass PCB production Purpose is make out large quantity of PCB manufacturing out reliable. But PCB prototype is making a small quantity to check the PCB design problem and improve them. So you should find the manufacturer is whether they have experience of PCB prototype, if they have ever make many PCB assembly prototype project before, they would be qualified the company to work for your prototype project.

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