Small Batch PCB Assembly

Small Batch PCB Assembly

We are professional Small Batch PCB Assembly service manufacturer. We can make your PCB batch quick turn in high quality. Since 2005, we have devoted in Small volume PCB Assembly service over 17 year, we are experienced in manufacturing all kind of PCBs.

rigid flex pcb
rigid flex pcb

Benefits of Small Batch PCB Assembly

When it comes to creating a successful product, flexibility is one of the most important attributes. Small batch PCB assembly can offer this, as it does not require high-volume production. Its quick turnaround time allows businesses to identify design flaws and make changes in real-time. This can be particularly helpful for startups, as the process allows businesses to test product concepts before investing in a large-scale manufacturing process. The benefits of small batch PCB assembly are clear.

In addition to being faster, small-batch PCB assembly can reduce development time, since there is less time needed for setup and assembly. Low-volume PCB assembly can give your product the necessary push before mass-production. It can also help you release new, improved products early on. It can even be an invaluable evaluation tool, as the smaller batch size makes it easier to detect issues and implement changes. Therefore, it is important to choose a partner that is experienced in this process.

While large-scale PCB assembly is primarily for large business houses, small batch PCB assembly can be a good option for startups, hobbyists, and smaller businesses. Because of its low cost, it creates a level playing field for all companies. The low initial investment also enables small businesses and hobbyists to test new ideas without investing large amounts of money. It can also help startups get a proof of concept.

While small batch PCB assembly is often cheaper than large-scale production, the extra time it takes to inspect and test the PCBs will increase the cost. Some PCB manufacturers may need additional resources to perform inspection and testing, such as specialized equipment. However, small-batch PCB assembly will allow you to catch errors early and avoid releasing defective products. In addition to lower PCB costs, small-batch PCB assembly also reduces production time and improves efficiency.

A small batch PCB assembly company must be willing to sacrifice some quality standards in order to save money. One way to reduce the cost is to plan your PCB with special parts from a local producer. If these parts are not readily available, it can be difficult to find them elsewhere. If you want to keep your small-batch PCB assembly costs down, it’s best to start with inexpensive, high-quality components.

While the fabrication process for PCBs remains the same, the assembly process will vary depending on the volume. Developing low-volume PCBs is essential for every board, no matter the size. Small-batch PCB assembly involves mounting components on a small number of bare boards, which may range from a handful to no more than 250. It is also possible to combine these two techniques, making your PCB production more flexible and cheaper.

If the turnaround time for a PCB is important to you, consider outsourcing this service. Small batch PCB assembly providers typically offer next-day delivery and can even offer same-day or next-day delivery. Some companies also offer 24-hour turnaround times. Depending on your requirements, you can get a two-layer PCB in as little as one day. The turnaround time depends on the PCB specs and the quantity.

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Wholepcb As an PCB service manufacturer established in 2005, we are specializing in Smt PCB Assembly, Through-Hole PCB Assembly, Turnkey PCB Assembly, Pcb Manufacturing, SMT Assembly, Aluminum PCB, Copper Pcb, Double Sided PCB, Prototype PCB Assembly Manufacturing service.

Why work with us?

1- Reliable. All of our customers like to work with us, because they are satified with our Small Batch PCB Assembly service. They tell us they trusted us, we are their reliable partner.

About 300 new customers come to disuss about their new small volume PCB assembly project, because they hear our good reputation from their friends or other customers comments. Now our work trusted by 25000 engineers and enterprises, who would let us operate for their pcb projects.

2- On time delivery
Our delivery record nearly 100% on time, over 60% small volume PCB assembly order delivery early than schedule in past years.

3 – Our company good financial station
Under Global Economic Downturn, a lot of pcb manufacturers bankruptcy, our company still grow up 20% every year, and we would alway be here work for you. Let you relax.

4 – Quality PCB Assembly
We would review your pcb design file by our engineer and give you some suggestion if there is any design is workable in your pcb file. That work is free of charge. We would make every detail is correct, let you get the perfect pcb board.

As a factory manufacturer we own 65000 Square meter factory workshop control pcb as you request. Besides, we have a professional after sales team standby and quick handle any problem for you once you have.

5 – No Tooling Charges
If you order our standard small batch pcb or reorder pcb from us, we wouldn’t charge tooling. Help you to save cost.

6- No Minimum PCB Order Requirements
No matter how many pieces pcb board, you want to order, we all can make for you. we don’t have minimum quanitity order limited. Yes, one pieces we also can make for you. contact us to get quotation for reference now.

7 – PCB Order Status Inform
After you place small volume PCB assembly order to us, we would inform you order status everyday by email, let you know you order situation clear.

8 – 7/24 Hour Tech Support
We have four engineer teams on duty work on turn, let you inquiry be reply on time. You can contact us to get quotation now.

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