Turnkey PCB Assembly

If you need a Turnkey PCB Assembly service manufacturer to work for your PCB assembly project, you can read this articles. It would help you have a idea in mind how to select a good manufacturer for your project.

Turnkey PCB Assembly 1
Turnkey PCB Assembly 1

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what is turnkey pcb assembly service?

When a small company need to use a new PCBs in their new project, they of course need to make out the new PCBs, or else their project can’t go on, but if they make the PCB Assembly by themself, they would face a problem. They need to make a huge material and electronic component inventory, that is far beyond their project request. A lot of material has MOQ from their supplier. But in the future they may also don’t have new project consume those material inventory, so that would generate unnecessary expenses. So there is some manufacturer specially help those small company to make their own PCB assembly out. They would provide material sourcing, purchase, PCB assembly and testing service for customer. Help them to save time and cost. This manufacturer call turnkey PCB assembly service manufacturer.



advantages of turnkey pcb assembly

When the company adopt the turnkey PCB assembly model in the business, the great benefit they enjoy is they don’t need to consume energy around the so many material supplier, don’t need to sourcing, negotiate ,assembling and testing, those work is time consuming. Because they have take the turnkey PCB Assembly Service from other manufacturer, so the manufacturer would do those job for them, and the company can focus on their new product design and marketing research to make their sale marketing work better and rise up the annual sale volume.

Let your work easier

You know electronic PCB manufacturing need a lot of material and components, so if you operate the purchasing of all the materials, you need to communicate with a lot of vendors, that is really tired work. The worst is you may be buy some wrong components back, because you are not the export for all electronic material, if you buy some wrong materials, you project may be delay. Besides, if you just buy each material and components in limited quantity, you purchase cost may be expensive, that consume cost too. Turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer usually order large quantity of components from their supplier, their purchasing price may be far cheaper than you, so they operate your PCB project cost maybe far cheap than yourself. Let them do those purchasing work for you, your work of course would become easier.

turnkey pcb assembly

Prevent the issue

The PCB assembly work is complex process, would involve a lot of steps. In order to let the PCB assembly manufacturing go through well. The assembler would check your netlist file, if any problem exist. they would tell you, and you can correct it. That can help you save a lot of cost. You know if your PCB design with problem, and you don’t know it, and make it out directly, you may make out a lot of unsuitable PCB board, that is lose money. Whole PCB as Turkey PCB assembly manufacturer own an 16 years experience team, they have handled thousand of new PCB projects, every PCB issue condition they have experience to handle, so they can help you to check problem soon. Let you PCB project go well. Whole PCB checking PCBs error is free of charge.

Help you to save cost

You know turnkey PCB assembly service Manufacturer usually order 1million pieces components for one type component each order, so they can get far low cost than you from components supplier, so they use the cheap material to make PCBs for you, of course you can save investment.


is there possibly Customer provide some material or all material, manufacturer just do assembly work for customer?

Our answer is Yes. If you come to work with us, you can provide the material to us, we do PCB assembly and testing work for you. In the past years, some of our customers they have their own electronic components and material inventory. So they provide their material to us, we assembly and testing PCBs for them. That is good way for us too. We can save time to purchase material, if their request material out of stock in our inventory. That would make the assembly work move on faster too. That is call partial turnkey PCB assembly service.

But if you don’t know where to order material and electronic parts and don’t have any material on you hand, it is better to take full turnkey PCB assembly. After all that would save your a lot of time.

If you choose turnkey PCB assembly service, below information you need to provide to the turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer:

  • Gerber Files
  • A bill of materials
  • Special require(in PCB manufacturing, assembly or testing)


8 stages of turnkey pcb assembly

Turnkey pcb assemblies are the key important part of electrical product, so select a serious and responsible manufacturer, would determines the quality of the PCB you get.  Into order make out high quality PCB assemblies for customer, Whole PCB split the whole PCB assembly process into several stages to manage, so that the PCB assembly quality can be sure to make out perfect.

Prototype PCB assembly stage

In order to sure our customer pcb design is good, before assembly we would make out PCB prototype to check whether any problem exist. If find any error, we would give would report and suggest to our customer to modify the error in the pcb design. Prevent those error go into our customer products, avoid their invest losses.

turnkey pcb assembly
turnkey pcb assembly

Pcb manufacturing stage

After the prototype PCB testing is well, we would mass produce the pcb according to the customer gerber file requirement. We would read every word on our customers document to sure the made out PCB are same as out customer expect. We can make small volume quantity to high volume quantity for our customer. Usually order high quantity unit price is cheaper than small volume quantity. But our small volume order price still more competitive than our competitors.


Components sourcing stage

We would find those good reputation and famous brand components supplier to cooperate, that can help us to sure the components quality is good and reliable. In so many years devote to serve in pcb industry, we have established a full supply chain of electronic components, that would help us to save time to source components for market. Also can short our lead time and sure our delivery on time. We not only can purchase normal component part quickly, but also can collect back those hard-to-find electronic components for our customer project in short time.

Sample of Pcb assembly and test stage

After the pcb finished manufacturing and all the components parts ready, we would start make pcb assembly sample. The sample is for evaluate the PCB Assembly structure reasonable or not, every components parts performance correct or not.

mass pcb assembly and test stage

After the sample of pcb assembly test no problem, we would start mass pcb assembly production. We would use high quality SMT stencils and solder paste to make our customers’ PCB assembly, that is key important part to decide the quality of our customers’ PCB assemblies. We have an team workers own many years experience in surface mount technology, through hole technology, DIP and mixed PCB assembly technology, no matter which PCB assembly method your project need, we also can finish well. And in this stage, we would use automatic optical inspection(AOI), ICT, FCT to inspect every pieces of PCB assemblies to ensure no defective.

Inventory stage

Some time our customers PCB assemblies parts have been finished out, but they use all of them, we would provide inventory storage service to our customer, no matter when they need us to send PCB assemblies to them or to their partner, they just need to inform us, we would send out the quantity as their request.

Fulfillmentand shipping stage

When our customer need us to send out the PCB assemblies parts out, No matter what type of package, we can make for them and by EXPRESS, by air, or by sea all is ok for us. After we send out the products to our customer, we would send tracking no. to them, so they can check the delivery situation.

Custom clearance assistance stage

 After customers’ PCB assemblies products sent out, we would provide all the documents to our customer for custom clearance, such as invoice, pack list, certificates, B/L, C/O, as long as our customer need those documents, we would send to them right way, help them custom clearance easier.

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