PCB Manufacturers In Vietnam

If you are looking for PCB manufacturing in Asia, Vietnam is one of the best options. However, there are a few disadvantages. Vietnam doesn’t have China’s manufacturing capability or supply chain infrastructure, so it can’t yet match the quality and performance of PCBs produced in China. It may take a while for Vietnam to get all the pieces in place, but the trade war might be over by then. American OEMs are considering alternative solutions to China dependence, such as outsourcing PCB production.

Sunching Electronics

If you are looking for a reputable PCB manufacturer in Vietnam, Sunching Electronics may be the right choice for you. The company manufactures a wide variety of PCBs and circuit boards in a variety of file formats, including Gerber RS274D and RS274X. They also offer custom prototyping, mass-value fabrication, and high-quality PCB assembly.

Established in 2007, Sunching Electronics is one of the most advanced PCB manufacturing companies in Vietnam. Its parent company, Taiwan Seiko, has 20 years of experience in the electronics industry. Its facility in Binh Duong, Vietnam, has a large display of sample circuit boards, circuit applications, and PCB fabrication. The company also produces circuit boards for LED lighting, sound equipment, electronic appliances, and UPS systems.

While selecting an electronics manufacturing company can be challenging, the choice is largely based on the kind of product you are seeking to manufacture. While choosing a PCB manufacturer, it is important to understand the history of the company. Full-fledged companies offer high-quality jobs and can take pride in the fact that each board is created and manufactured by them. The company should be able to demonstrate that it employs workers with training in the latest technologies and processes.

Trungnam EMS

EMS Trung Nam is a company based in Vietnam that provides electronic manufacturing services to clients worldwide. With its mission of bringing lasting trust to shareholders, the company focuses on continuous improvement and strives to achieve the highest standards of quality and customer service. As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, the company monitors and evaluates its operations and aims to improve and expand its services to meet customer demands and specifications.

It was established in 1969 and has since grown into a global powerhouse, with offices in 95 countries. The company’s EMS products are based on the specifications of the buyers, and it does not operate as a product development or incubator company. EMS PCB manufacturers in Vietnam have expanded their business to include other manufacturing services, such as engineering design layout and mechanical box building. Their services include design, layout, and manufacturing of PCBs for a wide range of products.

Fab 9

FAB-9 PCB manufacturers in Vietnam has a strong presence in the market, providing high-mix, fast-turn prototype and medium production PCBs. With local and global offices and manufacturing facilities, FAB-9 has the right expertise to support your business. With low cost manufacturing, quick turnaround and superior customer service, FAB-9 can help you reduce the time it takes to market a new product. To learn more about the advantages of FAB-9 PCBs, read on.

The country has a growing electronics manufacturing industry. Some of the big names in electronics manufacturing operate large factories in Vietnam, including Samsung and Apple. The domestic OEM electronics manufacturing industry is growing in Vietnam, providing a viable alternative to the competition in Shenzhen. Most of these electronics manufacturers are Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) companies, and some offer labor and procurement services in addition to PCB manufacturing. In addition, the country also exports petroleum products, which supports the development of its industry.


PCB manufacturing is a core business of Wholepcb. The company manufactures PCBs using Gerber RS274D, RS274X, HPGL, Orbotech Backup and other file formats. In addition to PCB manufacturing, the company offers box building and finished product testing. Their manufacturing facility in Vietnam is located in Bac Ninh City. Customers from around the world can use their services to make their products more flexible and cost-effective.

PCB manufacturing services are an integral part of the electronics industry, and PCB manufacturers in Vietnam have a high level of expertise. The company’s manufacturing and design capabilities are at par with other larger PCB makers, and it offers quantity levels that larger manufacturers cannot match. Wholepcb is a world-class, full-service PCB manufacturer in Vietnam. Listed below are the companies that provide PCB manufacturing services in Vietnam.

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