Pcb Manufacturing

Pcb Manufacturing is a process of using serious technique to fabricate out real ciruit board according to the design gerber files.

What is pcb?

Pcb also named printed circuit board. It is made by electronic printing, so common called it printed circuit board. Pcb help the electronic electrical connecting together, holding electronic components, is a important part of electronic parts.

Pcb is consist of electronic boundaries, fillings, connectors, components, wires, mounting holes, vias, pads etc.

Pcb can be classified into flex pcb, normal pcb, multilayer pcb, doubled sided pcb, single sided pcb etc.

PCB Layout design can use software such as, Altium designer, Mentor graphics PADS, Cadence Allegro etc.

Pcb layout design should consider some factors, such as heat dissipation, electromagnetic protection, through holes, metal connections, inner electronic components optimal, external connections etc.

What is pcb manufacturing process?

Manufacturing pcb flow is complicated. Here we take 6 layer printed circuit board for example, the PCB manufacturing process contain: (1)pcb layout, (2)pcb core fabrication, (3)inner -layer transfer, (4)pcb core drilling, (5)lamination,(6) drilling hole,(7)7hole wall chemical precipitation, (8)out side layer transfer,(9)pcb outside layer etching etc.

  • Pcb layout  – first of all the engineer would transform pcb file into Gerber X2 and check the pcb layout whether correct. Wholepcb engineer team work serious the check every detail on the pcb file which provided by customer, prevent anything mistake go into production, prevent customer get defective pcb, which would make customer loose money and time. So wholepcb would take their customer benefits into consideration into production. Help customer to make out perfect pcb and save cost. If wholepcb found any layout mistake in pcb file, we would feedback to customer and give professional suggestion to customer. All this work is free of charge.
  • Pcb Core making – prevent the final circuit would short circuit or open circuit, wholepcb would strictly clean every piece of copper clad lamination layer, ensure every thing is perfect.
  • Pcb Inner layer transfer  — Before inner pcb layer transfer, the inner core two layer wire should be made out first. after cleaning the pcb copper layer, the copper layer would be cover by a Photosensitive film, this film would protect the copper foil after it expose in light and fixed on surface of copper foil layer.
  • Core layer drilling and inspection  —  after the pcb core make out, we need to drill hole on pcb core. Once pcb core laminate with other layers, they wouldn’t be changed again, so inspection is very importan. Wholepcb wouldn’t check every detail is correct, then go on the next step work.
  • Lamination  —  in this step we would use a material named prepreg, which is as a role adhesive for pcb core and copper foil layer, and it is good insulation layer for pcb too. Put the prepreg layer, copper foil layer and aluminum layer in the correct the position and put into Vacuum heat press machine make out perfect lamination layer.
  • Drilling hole  — the isolate pcb layer should be connect by hole. The hole should be drilled in the correct position on the pcb layer. We would use the X-RAY drilling hole machine to drill out the correct hole.
  • Hole wall copper precipitation — on the hole wall we would cover a conductive material, then use electroplating to form 25-micron copper film on the wall of the pcb hole. Then the different layer the pcb and be connect the the copper film.
  • Outside layer transfer
  • Outside layer etching – clean out photosensitive film, useless copper foil film, tin plating layer.

Do you know the function of each pcb layers?

Pcb is look small and simple, but is we need it performance complex function in electric products, we need PCB contain many layers, PCB manufacturing are also a complex process.

If you know well about the each layers of the pcb function, we would can do better pcb design.

  1. Silkscreen layer  –  this layer is for printing tags, component boxes and some remark information.
  2. Solder mask layers  –  the solder mask layers color can be various, such as green, blue, black, white, red, yellow. This layer is for insulation function.
  3. Paste mask layers  – this layer also called SMD layer or stencil layer. The gold plating layer or tin layer on the pcb board is soldering assisting soldering layer. This layer can make the soldering easier.
  4. Electrical layers – it is important and consume a lot of pcb design work time. Wiring layout should be reasonable and the electronic component lead would be connect with wiring on this layer.plating copper work also is on this layer.
  5. Mechanical layer – there can be a lot of mechanical layers on one pcb, on the pcb mechanical layer we can design some mechanical properties, such as drill holes, slotting, borders, size marking etc.
  6. Assembly layers – this layer would print out the assembly information.
  7. Keep-out layer – this layer is for limited, such as any place can’t be allowed vias, copper wiring trace.
  8. Drill layer – the layer show data of hole drilling such as through hole pad, vias etc.
  9. Basic substrate layer –  this layer material can be flexible substrate, aluminum substrate, FR-4 glass fiber etc.

Detail application of pcb board:

LED PCB manufacturing

1. led pcb

Nowadays led become a normal application in our life, it is long work life, energy saving and efficient, make it so popular. Inside led an important part is pcb. Some time people may call it in another name, such as led printed circuit board, led board, led circuit board, led pcb, led pcb board etc. In fact they are all mean one thing – pcb.

A lot of material can be use to produce led pcb, such as copper, aluminum, fr4, CEM3. But taking heat cost, rigidity and conductivity into consideration, aluminum would be the best option in led pcb manufacturing.

Our led pcb are widely used in below lights:

  • Vehicle/Car Lights
  • street light
  • medical light
  • spot lights
  • Cabinet Light
  • floor lamp
  • wall lamp
  • desk lamp
  • Indicator
  • down light
  • Chandelier
  • commercial lighting

If you need led pcb now,welcome to contact us to get quotation for reference now.

consume pcb manufacturing 2 (52)

2. Consume pcb

Layer from single layer to 32 layers

Home application:  air conditioners,dishwashers,dryers, efrigerators,  washers,etc.)

home video device: speakers, stereos, televisions etc

Digital devices:   DVR,TV box,Android machine,mobile phone, mp3, mp4 etc.

Small appliances:   electronic toothbrushes, rice cookers,vacuum robots, coffee machines etc.

3.Industrial pcb

Industrial pcb always work in harsh environment, may face dust control, humidity, extreme temperature, vibration, shock. In order to let pcb work stable and durable in such bad environment, pcb design should be follow SIL and IEC standards.

our industrial pcb are used to make below products:

  • Industrial display
  • Industrial lighting
  • Electronic smart label
  • Energy meter
  • Energy control system
  • Electronic test devices
  • Energy Inverters
  • Electronic switch
  • Robot
  • Uninterruptible power supply

4. Commercial pcb

Layers quantity from single layer to 24 layers

Commercial business are developing rapidly, and the market request device are more portable smart and intelligent electronic device. So electronic design engineers face new challenges in portable automation device design. In order to achieve new generation smart equipment design, we help customer manufacture new smart commercial application with various PCBs, such as rigid-flex pcb, flex pcb and rigid pcb.

We also provide professional suggestion about pcb layout to our customers to ensure their new product can pass EMC, Environment regulations and safety requirements.

Our commercial pcb board are used to make security products, such as security monitor, transaction dashboard, memory board, ISP motherboard, camera board, display panel.

5. Medical pcb

Layer quantity from 2 layer to 26 layer

Medical device require the pcb manufacturing to be reliable, high quality, technology advanced.

Medical pcb are used to make medical wearable, medical display system, patient monitor, x-ray, PET, MRI, CT, Ultrasound equipment, pressure cuffs, wound management, diagnostic catheters devices, dialysis, high pressure liquid chromatography, laboratory blood diagnostics equipment, beauty care and hearing aids devices, handheld wireless controller, blood meter etc.