How the china PCB factory Manufacturing PCBs in good quality for you?

China is one of PCBs manufacturing capable country in the world. China is an attractive place to manufacture PCBs, not only because of their labor cost competitive, but also Politically stable, China offers many benefits to the PCB industry including policy support, strong economic growth and their large consumer base. This country also boasts a long coastline and large geographical area and road traffic network, which make their transport cost lower than other country. If you want to start your own PCB manufacturing business, China may be the best option for you. Beside, China PCB manufacturer can provide you below benefits.

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Good Materials used in manufacturing pcbs

FR4 – This type of material is commonly used in PCBs. It is a glass-reinforced epoxy laminate that has good strength and weight ratios. It is flame-resistant and water-resistant. This material has a high tensile strength.

Teflon (PTFE) – A type of plastic material known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is commonly used for high-speed and frequency applications. It is flexible, which makes it ideal for various industries. Its lightweight and high physical strength allow it to be used in various ways. It is also flame-resistant and has a good temperature stability.

Metal – Although various types of metals such as aluminum, copper, and iron are used in PCBs, they are still considered traditional materials. These allow the use of surface mount technology for the integration of components. Because of this, metal base PCBs have a longer product life.

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Quality standards

In PCB manufacturing, China PCB factory can manufacture PCB according to the IPC standards to ensure quality. They are globally recognized and help PCB manufacturers attract new customers. As such, adhering to these standards is essential. It saves time and money by ensuring that manufacturing processes meet IPC standards. PCBs have multiple phases, and adhering to these standards lowers the fail factor. Manufacturers who follow IPC standards can expect fewer mistakes and increased quality. Beside, WholePCB , a china PCB manufacturer, can provide you UL standard lead free and Rohs PCBs for you.


The quality of PCBs in any company directly impacts the quality of the electronics produced. The importance of PCB testing cannot be stressed enough, China PCB factory usually have complete testing equipment, like wholepcb, can provide AOI, ICT, X-RAY testing in PCB manufacturing. But testing may need extra charge. Fortunately, there are several techniques that help you ensure the quality of your production.

Cost effecient

The cost of manufacturing PCBs depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of the board, the number of components, and the layout complexity. In addition, the cost per piece will depend on the complexity of the circuit, component placement accuracy, and thermal performance. That is same to all of PCB manufacturer, but China PCB manufacturers have their own advantages, such as low transport cost andlow labor cost, that we have mentioned above. Beside, their still have another advantages is they have full complete supply chain. no matter what material always available in their country, which not only can make their cost low, but also can make their lead time short.

Labor Skill

China have become manufacturing center in the world for many years. They can provide almost all kinds of products consume in the world. China PCBs manufacturing occupy over 50% in the world market share. They own a large number of technical engineers and workers, which can sure the quality of PCBs that they make out. wholepcb’s engineers and workers work in PCB manufacturing over 16 years. We are a reliable factory to work for you.

Consignment options

Outsourcing PCB assembly to a consignment provider is a great way to minimize the costs and maintain quality control, while still retaining the same level of control as if you were producing them in-house. It is especially beneficial for manufacturers of complex parts, or those who need a faster turnaround time. Wholepcb providers offer a range of typical options, including lead-free assemblies, multiple mounting patterns, mixed-technology PCBs, single and mixed technologies, both fiberglass and polyester board constructions.

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