SMT and PTH Assembly

SMT and PTH assembly are two methods of the PCB board assembling, they are use in different design production.

SMT Assembly

SMT Assembly

Surface mount and PTH assembly can be automated, saving you time and money.

First, SMT components typically have fewer components than PTH ones, and because they do not have long leads to solder into the holes, they are better for a variety of applications.

The Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) are placed directly on the solder pads of the PCB board.

SMT involves a special process known as “reflow” in which the components are soldered to the board. As a result, the PCB assembly process requires special handling and care.

Surface-mount devices are a type of electrical component that is mounted on a PCB surface. SMDs are used for small capacitors and resistors.

PTH assembly a (1)

PTH assembly

PTHs are used for large-package semiconductors.

PTHs make out high mounting strength and stronger bond. In addition, they are easier to repair than SMT devices. For small quantities, PTH components can be purchased in tubes or cut-tapes.

PTH parts are usually larger and heavier than SMT components, which makes them less suitable for small circuitry.

Printed circuit boards can be tested using PCB prototyping methods to determine their quality and reliability. PTH components have a smaller footprint on the PCB, which makes them better for prototyping with a breadboard.

The Pin-Through-Hole components must be mounted through the PCB.

Pin-Through-Hole components solder on PCB board by wave soldering or manual soldering.

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