SMT Assembly Supplier

How to select a good SMT assembly supplier?

The main benefits of working with SMT Assembly Supplier are cost and space savings. On the other hand through-hole assembly requires more materials and labor. Through-hole assembly is also slower and can cause costly errors in production. SMT Assembly are more popular than through-hole technology.

SMT Assembly Supplier

SMT assembly is one of the most important aspects of electronic manufacturing, and a reliable SMT assembly supplier can make the difference between a successful product and a poorly-conceived one. A qualified SMT partner will provide you with the best options for both types of SMT assembly. If you’re looking for a high-quality SMT supplier, then consider the following:

An SMT assembly supplier must be able to meet your mass production requirements in a short amount of time. The SMT Assembly Manufacturer should also use state-of-the-art equipment.

In addition to the technical expertise of their staff, they must have a broad range of experience. They should also have qualified engineers who are experienced in SMT assembly. Finally, they should be able to deliver the highest quality PCBs while still keeping a budget within reach. There are many other important factors to consider when searching for an SMT assembly provider.

The cost of SMT is another factor we should consider. The costs of surface mount technology are determined by the size and quantity of the PCBs. These fees are dependent on the number and quality of components, the size and quantity of the PCBs, and the type of machine.

Besides, the SMT Assembly Supplier location also affect the SMT cost. Different region SMT cost may be far different. China is one of the most popular SMT supplier selecting region. Cost is the primary concern of OEMs who choose China as their manufacturing base. However, cheap never means low quality. While manufacturing in China is not naturally cheap, it is still advantageous for many manufacturers. Getting manufacturing equipment for SMT assembly is cheap and easy in China, and the costs of manufacturing lines are lower than in other regions. This lower cost makes SMT assembly in China an ideal solution for OEMs. Besides, you’ll also benefit from China’s extensive expertise in SMT assembly.

Wholepcb, An Chinese SMT assembly provider will have a range of facilities and know-how, including 20 fully automatic smt production lines, 10 wave soldering lines, 12 assembly lines, and testing and aging facilities, pass ISO9001 certificated, a good partner for you.

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SMT process looks complex, but if you know the SMT process, you can select a SMT assembly supplier easier. The whole process can be introduce simple as below:

The SMT manufacturer applies soldering paste to the board.

Using automachine to place SMDs components on the board, The most common components on a SMT board are the basic and extended ones, while the latter ones are more optional. They are mounted on a P&P machine and are maintained on a common feeder.

Then come to soldering step, the SMT manufacturing process involves reflow soldering requires placing the boards under a nitrogen atmosphere. The heated air melts the soldering paste and flux and fuses the components to the printed circuit board. Then, the boards are cooled down. The components are then permanently attached to the PCB.

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