Top 5 PCB Supplier Companies In South Korea

According to a report published by Transparency Market Research, South Korea is one of the fastest growing markets for flexible printed circuit boards. As the electronics manufacturing hub of the world, Asia Pacific is expected to see an accelerated rate of growth in this market over the next few years. As a result, many South Korean pcb supplier companies are targeting this region to boost their business prospects. This article lists 5 PCB supplier companies in South Korea based on their quality and price.

bhflex Co. Ltd

With a growing demand for flexible PCB, BH Co. Ltd. is South Korea’s leading FPCB supplier. Founded in 1999, the company has been a long-time supplier of FPCB to Samsung Electronics. In 2017, it started to provide circuit boards for Apple, which has expanded its customer base to include fast-growing Chinese smartphone makers.

Ynot Co. Ltd

Ynot Co. Ltd is a privately owned electronics distributor headquartered in South Korea. They specialize in the distribution of multi vendor electronic components. Their mission is to provide customers with quality and reliable electronic components at competitive prices. The company also offers a complete design cycle, from concept to mass production. For more information, visit their website. This South Korean PCB supplier is a trusted partner for electronic manufacturers worldwide.

Ynot Co. Ltd. is a PCB supplier company based in South Korea. The company manufactures thin and build-up PCBs for cellular phones. It also offers B.V.H PCBs for communication systems and multiple-layer PCBs for general electronics. In 2009, the company changed its name to Automobile & PCB Inc.

Terranix Co.Ltd

With its head office located in Ansan, South Korea, Terranix Co.Ltd is one of the top five PCB suppliers in South Korea. The company specializes in new product introduction and scale up to volume manufacturing. Its team of experienced engineers strives to meet the specifications of its customers. Its commitment to customer service and high-quality products have helped make it one of the leading PCB suppliers in South Korea.


EOS Corporation is a PCB supplier company in South Korea that designs and manufactures printed circuit boards for the manufacture of electronic devices. Founded in 1997, the company is led by Mi Kyung Kim, who studied electronics in university and quit his job to learn about PCB sales. He invested $10,000 to start his own business, balancing product design and sales during the day. His first clients were Samsung and LG Electronics. In 2004, the company acquired a PCB manufacturing company.

Simmtech Co Ltd

SIMMTECH Co Ltd is a South Korean manufacturer of printed circuit boards. They provide products that include module PCBs, small outline DIMMs, and substrates for semiconductor chip assembly. They have the highest market share in Korea and are a core supplier of packaging substrate to Tier-1 semiconductor customers. They manufacture high-performance, high-reliability, and cost-efficient products for a variety of industries, including semiconductors, mobile phones, and telecommunications.

The new facility will increase Simmtech’s global footprint, positioning it as an important link in the semiconductor value chain. It is also expected to jumpstart the dynamics of the global chip shortage by creating a high-tech industry in Malaysia. The Malaysian facility will create more than 1,000 jobs, increasing the company’s PCB and substrate production capacity by 20%. Simmtech Co Ltd is one of the world’s leading PCB manufacturer.